Teaching Students a Creative Process for Crafting Business Strategy

Michael G. Goldsby, Min Basadur, Gene Recker, Christopher P. Neck


It is imperative that business students today graduate with an awareness and appreciation for innovation, creativity, analysis, and planning at a level that is more advanced than previous generations. The strategic management course is considered the undergraduate capstone business class in AACSB schools for achieving this end. The course is traditionally taught in a case format combining content from strategy textbooks and lectures with class discussions of company histories and situations. While considered an effective approach by many professors, the authors of this paper have always believed their strategy capstone teaching experiences have never fully met the intended objectives. The authors selected a process grounded in scholarly research and applied in business practice for integration into the capstone strategy course. This paper documents why the approach was used, how it was utilized in the classroom, and the results from the new pedagogical approach.

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