Vol 2, No 2 (2014)

Journal of Leadership and Management

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Scientific Leadership in Metamanagement Research in Poland. Lessons from Retrospective View on Principles of Praxiology for Resolving Methodological Problems of Organizational Studies
Adam Szpaderski
Leadership summarized Major points of research PDF
CJ Rhoads
Organzational Slack and the Productive Opportunity of Growing Technology Firms PDF
Heidi M. Neck, Christopher P. Neck
Wizards, Hobbits, and Kings: Leadership in Tolkien’s Middle-earth and Lessons for Business Leaders PDF
Michael J. Urick
Seven Deadly Sins That Are Killing Corporate Innovation in America. The Critical Role of Leadership PDF
Frederick G. Crane, Marc H. Meyer
American Exceptionalism or Declinism. Lessons in Leadership and Ethics from the Twelve “Minor” Prophets PDF
Hershey H. Friedman, Miriam Gerstein, Paul Fenster
Leadership in healthcare sector. The Case of Branding High-End Private Healthcare Services & Economic, Legal, Marketing and Policy Concerns of Concierge Services in Hospitals PDF
Vincent Maher, George Priovolos, Elisabeth Maher
Crisis, Leadership, and Leadership Development. A Case Study from Ireland PDF
Brian Cawley
Junior and Middle Management Leadership Skills in Profibre Products (Pty) Ltd Implications to Management Practice PDF
Anis Mahomed Karodia, Rene van Deventer, Richard Cowden
The Impacts of Leadership Styles on Organizational Outcomes. A Theoretical Study of American and Chinese Organizations PDF
Weichu (Webb) Xu, Daisy Z. Wang, Jian Yu, Chaolin Chen
Information technology self-leadership and innovation PDF
Yeliz Eseryel, Daan Bakker, Deniz Eseryel